TX License A11878

Our Services

General Skip Tracing

We will locate your witness, subject, debtor or missing person. Our investigators have the knowledge and resources to find them fast. Stop wasting 80% of your time and money on your Skip Tracing cases! In most cases, with 100% effort you will still only locate about 20% of your skips. Let our staff handle your Skip Tracing needs while you concentrate on running your business.

Verified Bank Account Trace

Our staff is very skilled at locating your subject’s bank account. All searches are lawful and in accordance with the GLB Act, Banking Commission, State & Federal laws. Bank account searches can be used to collect on judgments or verify net worth. We do not provide originating branch address or funds in an account. We have been locating bank accounts for so many years that we have made many contacts at various banks that are very eager to assist us. NO HIT, NO FEE

Civil/Criminal Investigations

We can conduct any type of investigation specifically suited to your needs, including interviewing witnesses, photographs, video, fraud detection, infidelity, asset searches, etc. These services are based on hourly rates with a 3 hour minimum. We also provide GPS tracking services which is based on a daily rate. We maintain the highest quality cutting edge GPS tracking technology.


Our covert surveillance operations are conducted by expert investigators to prove fraudulent or illegal activity, or show spousal infidelity. We maintain top of the line equipment including body wires, body worn cameras, night vision lenses and bug detection equipment. Our investigators are highly skilled in locating all types of phone taps as well (including the new infinity taps). This is based on hourly rates and a 3 hour minimum.

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